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PY106 C1


- There are pre-class exercises on WebAssign that are due 1 hour before each class. It is worth 5% of the total grade. You get full score by getting 70% of the questions right. (posted on 1/15/14)

- The first Assignment is a hand-in. It has been posted on Blackboard Learn. The due date is Jan. 28 10 PM. Drop your work in the hand-in box labeled with your Discussion TF’s name in the basement of SCI. (posted on 1/13/14, revised on 1/15/14).

- First Week’s Discussions (Jan. 15-18) will be held in SCI B15. (posted on 1/13/14)


Useful information:

Instructions on ordering, registering and setting the channel number for your clicker download

Syllabus  (Visit Blackboard Learn)

Lab sections and TF contact info (Visit Blackboard Learn)

Office hours of all instructors and Discussions TFs (Visit Blackboard Learn)

Discussion sections: Wed 11-12 (KCB102), 12-13 (PRB150), 13-14 (PRB150) and 19-20 (SCIB58) and Fri 10-11 (PRB150), 12-13 (PRB150) and 13-14 (PRB146)

Discussion TFs: Alexander Becker (for all Wed. Discussions), Email:; Joseph Boales (for all Fri. Discussions), Email:
I am also in charge of Discussions. My email is:


Useful links:

Blackboard Learn, WebAssign,  Essential Physics, Piazza


Jan. 15          Electric Charge download

Jan. 17          Coulomb's Law download

Jan. 22          Force and Field download

Jan. 24          More Electric Field download

Jan. 27          Electric Potential Energy download

Jan. 29          Electric Potential download

Jan. 31          Capacitance download

Feb. 3           Capacitors and Dielectrics download

Feb. 5           SNOW STORM, no lecture

Feb. 7          Current, Resistance, Batteries download            

Feb. 10         Power, Resistors download

Feb. 12         Resistor Combinations download

Feb. 12         6:15-8:15 PM Test 1 (Ch. 16 - 18.6) Rm. CAS 522 equation sheet

Feb. 14         Magnetic Fields download

Feb. 19         Charges in Magnetic Fields download

Feb. 21         Force and Torque download

Feb. 24         Ampere's Law download

Feb. 26+28         Magnetic Flux + Faraday's Law download

Mar. 3          Lenz's Law download

Mar. 5          Motional EMF, Eddy Current download

Mar. 7          Generators, Transformers download

Mar. 17        Waves and Sound download

Mar. 19        Sound, Doppler Effect download

Mar. 21        Superposition of Waves download

Mar. 24        Standing Waves, Music download

Mar. 26        EM Waves download

Mar. 28        Polarized Light download

Mar. 30        Review for Test 2 download

Apr. 2          Reflection download

Apr. 2         6:15-8:15 PM Test 2 (Ch. 18.7 - 22)  Rm. COM101

Apr. 4          Spherical Mirrors download

Apr. 7          Refraction download

Apr. 9          Lenses download

Apr. 11         Human Eye, Camera download

Apr. 14         Interference of Light download

Apr. 16         Diffraction download

Apr. 18         Thin Films download

Apr. 23         Quantum Hypothesis (mostly about particle-wave duality of light, as illustrated by photoelectric effect) download

Apr. 24         Photons (mostly about particle-wave duality of particles and the Uncertainty Principle) download

Apr. 25, 28         Radiation, The Nucleus (Mostly about unstable nuclides and how they may decay) download

Apr. 30         Radioactivity, Reactions download

                        Review for Test Three download

                        Equation sheet for 2011 download

May 6           6-8 PM Final Exam STO B50 (Stone Science Building 675 Commonwealth Ave)  map

                     (Chapters 22.5-29, omit Chapters 26, 27.1, 27.4 and 28) 











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