AIA-MOS Archaeology Fair, Day 2

Happy International Archaeology Day!

IAD Logo for 2015

IAD Logo for 2015

Today we went to the second day of the AIA-MOS Archaeology Fair. We continued to present our Archaeology in the Stars presentation and asked kids to make their own constellations and to draw how the future would look. We got some awesome drawings!

Exact numbers haven’t  been tallied yet by the Museum of Science, nor the Archaeological Institute of America, staff. However, once I have the data, I’ll let you know. Past fairs saw around 5,000 people over the course of the 2 days. Today was mainly families, which meant a steady stream of people and also more chances to engage the visitors in one-on-one discussion. To see how people around the world have celebrated International Archaeology Day, check out the official hashtag for this year: #IAD2015

Our volunteers did a great job these last two days. They deserve a big thanks.

Be on the look out for a Final Write-Up with photos, numbers, and hopefully some insight from our volunteers.

If you want to attend other fun Archaeology related events, check out the Archaeology Month Calendar here. We’re planning to engage in this event again next year. If you want to volunteer, participate, or attend the AIA-MOS Archaeology Fair, it will be October 14th and 15th, 2016. Stay up to date with the preparations for the next fair on the Archaeological Institute of America’s IAD website: here

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