SET in the City


Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in the City is an event which Photon began participating in during the spring of 2011. This program is sponsored by many institutions in the Boston area including: the Museum of Science, Boston University, Emmanuel College, Girls Scouts of MA, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Science Clubs for Girls, Simmons College, Tech Boston, UMass Boston, Wentworth Institute of Technology and WGBH.

This program is intended to help high school girls in the Boston area increase their interest and awareness in science through keynote talks about cutting edge research by professionals, interactive science demonstrations, hands-on science activities, lunch and discussions with current students in SET fields, and a presentation at the Omni Theater of the Museum of Science.

Photon participated in SET in the City by showing and explaining demonstrations such as the Non-newtonian fluid, angular momentum bike wheel, jumping rings, Osheroff plate, vortex cannon, polarizers, liquid oxygen creation, and spectroscopy which were provided by the physics department demo room ( and the astronomy department. Photon members also accompanied students to Simmons College to speak with the girls through lunch and to help out during the physics activity involving the efficiency of bridges made by the students.

Photos of the 2011 event can be found here.

More information about SET in the City can be found here.