29th October 2019:

We had an informative undergraduate panel where we learnt how to navigate the BU physics major!

17th October 2019:

We played Charades and had pretty funny outcomes!

10th October 2019:

We had an enlightening talk from special guest Professor Jariwala about research in Physics education!

3rd October 2019:

We had electrifying demos with van de graaff generators and other fun electrical devices!


26th September 2019:

We had great fun with Helium and sulphur tetrafluoride, while playing Physics jeopardy!

20th September 2019:

What do you call it when a dinosaur crashes its car? A Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

Thank you for coming to the museum of science, the trip went great!

12th September 2019:

The semester was off to a great start with delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream! We are very excited for the future meetings!

7th September 2019: 

It was great meeting you all at splash! We hope to see you again 6 PM today at SCI 352 for some liquid nitrogen ice cream!