Outreach 2015-2016

Photon is striving to reach out to the many faucets of our community. From members and majors to individuals in the Greater Boston Area. Throughout the school year we will be taking part in several outreach programs as well as offering individuals ways to get involved on their own.

These two types of outreach will be periodically updated, so check back often for new outreach opportunities! Click the Underlined titles to get more info about the types of projects. Also check out our past  projects in the archives!

Current Outreach Projects:

Our goal for 2015-2016 is to engage in three outreach projects per semester. These projects could be demo shows for underprivileged high school students, an event for promoting STEM fields for women, a BU-wide event for promoting physics within our own community, or any other form of major outreach that is conceivable!

Personal Outreach Opportunities:

We have a lot of excellent opportunities available for our members for this upcoming year. Get involved in teaching, STEM promotion, and as a mentor for high school students.


Check out some of our past outreach projects and get a feel for the types of projects we have done!