2018 – 2019

14th February 2019: 

Listening to everyone’s physics pick-up lines and valentine’s day themed jokes was hilarious! We can’t wait to share some more laughs this semester.

7th February 2019: 

The night we were waiting for totally lived up to our expectations: Trivia night with our photon phamilies!!

31st January 2019: 

Measuring the speed of light using a microwave and marshmallows was a success!

24th January 2019: 

We had an awesome Welcome Back meeting competing against other physics phamilies to build the tallest (and most stable) paper tower.

6th December 2018:

Thank you all who came to last Thursday’s explosion night! We had so much fun doing some of our favorite demos. It was a  b l a s t!

29th November 2018:

Thank you to Prof. Indara Suarez for a great talk last Thursday, and to all of you for attending!

15th November 2018:

Thank you, Yash Aggarwal, for putting together a beautiful cloud chamber demo day at our last meeting!

10th November 2018:

Thanks to all for coming to the MIT SPS conference last Saturday! We learned a lot from the professor and student talks and had a great time eating delicious Indian food. Congrats to Hichem Bouchamaoui, Annalies Kleyheeg, Sophia Kressy, John Hunter, Sal Pace, and Hannahmariam Mekbib who presented talks or posters! You did a stellar job

1st November 2018: 

Thanks to Professor Carey for providing an amazing movie choice for Prof. Carey Movie Night, and thanks to all of you for coming out to watch it!

25th October 2018: 

Thanks for coming out to see Prof. Ed Kearns talk about neutrino experiments and sushi!

11th October 2018: 

Had a blast during out Electricity and Magnetism demo meeting! It was…. lit, to say the least.

4th October 2018: 

What a great talk last week by Prof. Polkovnikov! We all learned a lot about quantum dynamics and cold atom systems.

21st September 2018: 

Had so much fun at the Museum of Science last Friday! We’re so happy to see that everyone had fun at College Night and learned something new.

13th September 2018:

Had a great Thursday night eating liquid nitrogen ice cream and frozen marshmallows! We got to hear a little bit about our new e-board members and meet tons of new members.