Personal Outreach Opportunities

We have a lot of excellent opportunities available for our members for this upcoming year. Get involved in teaching, STEM promotion, and as a mentor for high school students.

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BU Learning Assistant Program

BU’s Learning Assistant (LA) program is based on the highly successful pilot program which began at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The LA Program places undergraduate students who have already taken a course back into that course as an instructor. In the physics department, the LA is responsible for enhancing students’ learning in a discussion section or studio section. As a peer instructor you will have the ability to connect with your students on a level which the graduate teaching assistants and professors cannot. Additionally, after taking a 2-credit course through the school of education (SED), you will find that not only are you able to transform the classroom to improve students’ learning, but also that you are able to learn better in your own classes by understanding what makes for good learning.

The LA program consists of

  • 3 discussion sections
  • 1 weekly meeting
  • 2 lectures
  • 1 two-credit SED course

Commitment: 10-12 Hours/Week

Contact: You will be invited to the LA program near the end of the semester if you are enrolled in a physics course and making sufficient progress towards passing.