Personal Outreach Opportunities

We have a lot of excellent opportunities available for our members for this upcoming year. Get involved in teaching, STEM promotion, and as a mentor for high school students.

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BU Learning Assistant Program

BU’s Learning Assistant (LA) program is based on the highly successful pilot program which began at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The LA Program places undergraduate students who have already taken a course back into that course as an instructor. In the physics department, the LA is responsible for enhancing students’ learning in a discussion section or studio section. As a peer instructor you will have the ability to connect with your students on a level which the graduate teaching assistants and professors cannot. Additionally, after taking a 2-credit course through the school of education (SED), you will find that not only are you able to transform the classroom to improve students’ learning, but also that you are able to learn better in your own classes by understanding what makes for good learning.

The LA program consists of

  • 3 discussion sections
  • 1 weekly meeting
  • 2 lectures
  • 1 two-credit SED course

Commitment: 10-12 Hours/Week

Contact: You will be invited to the LA program near the end of the semester if you are enrolled in a physics course and making sufficient progress towards passing.

FIRST Robotics Mentor

FIRST Robotics is a program for high school students where they get to work hands on creating robots which will compete in physical challenges. These high school students can benefit greatly from passionate undergraduate mentors; and you could be one of them! BU Academy (BUA) has a FIRST team that is only five minutes away, and they meet about twice weekly in the fall and daily in the spring. Furthermore, your commitment is flexible — you can go when you want to (with at least some regularity). You are a mentor for these students – not a babysitter. You need not be there every single day.

Some benefits of working with FIRST include:

  • Getting to learn robotics and electronics OR getting to rekindle an old passion for them
  • Experience mentoring high school students
  • Opportunity to travel and see FIRST competitions first hand

Commitment: 1+ Hours/Week

Contact: For info on how to pursue this opportunity please contact Outreach Officer Ryan Gelly (

BU Academy Science Team Mentorship

The BU Academy (BUA) Science Team is a club which meets regularly to compete in Science Olympics. There is an Olympic Event once every month. To prepare for these events they meet twice a week to prepare engineered devices or to practice their science know-how. BUA has stated that they could greatly use an undergrad mentor for this club to help them prepare for the Olympic events and to provide mentorship for the students.

Some benefits of working with the BUA Science Team include:

  • Getting to mentor high school students interested in STEM disciplines
  • Get to attend the very fun physics olympics that are hosted monthly
  • Get to attend the enormous national science olympics in March

Commitment: 1+ Hours/Week

Contact: For info on how to pursue this opportunity please contact Outreach Officer Ryan Gelly (

The Traveling Demo Show

I have begun to coordinate with high school teachers from the Greater Boston Area with the hope of bringing mind-blowing, earth-shatteringly cool demos to high school students to get them excited about physics! Although this opportunity is still being forged from the epic steel of my Gmail account, I hope to bring a demo show to a different high school about once every three or four weeks. Of course, physics enthusiasm a one-man demo show does not create! I would love to take a group of passionate Photon-goers with me on my adventure around Boston to each share their own favorite demo and to rub some of their own love for physics off on all who they meet.

Commitment: 3-4 hours every third or fourth week; you do not need to attend consecutive shows

Physics Olympics

Each spring a contingency of BU undergraduates heads off into the Boston suburbs to facilitate the Massachusetts High School Physics Olympics. This paid opportunity allows for you to get to mentor some high school students and run some very fun physics-based events! In the past there has been Physics Pictionary, Rube Goldberg machines, physical challenges, and, of course, a physics trivia bowl. You get to judge these events, which is a great deal of fun.

Commitment: One full Saturday in the spring

Volunteer for the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science has opportunities for interested and driven individuals to assist with some of their programs. Here’s what their website says about it:

Our visitors learn more about the world around us through touch, observation, interaction, and play. Their experiences are made substantially more meaningful through the dedication of our enthusiastic core of volunteers, who are an integral part of the Museum’s community. Volunteers support the Museum in activities that range from interacting with visitors to providing administrative support for the staff. In all that they do, their commitment enables the Museum to provide a lively, fun, and educational experience for everyone.

The Museum of Science seeks to recruit, develop, and retain individuals from racially and culturally diverse backgrounds and persons with disabilities. We strive to create and sustain a more affirming environment for all staff, interns, volunteers, trustees, and overseers. We value expertise gained at the Museum and encourage professional development and career growth.