9th Annual AIA-MOS Archaeology Day Fair

IAD Logo for 2015

IAD Logo for 2015

Hey Photon readers!

With the new year getting started, it’s time to start preparing for our first Outreach Project.

The Archaeological Institute of America and the Museum of Science are hosting their 9th annual Archaeology Day Fair. International Archaeology Day is a federally recognized event in the US. Also, in Massachusetts, the month of October is focused on Archaeology as well.

As Photon, we’re going to be heading over to the Museum of Science on the 16th and 17th of October to take part in the fair again this year. The fair sees hundreds of educators, students, and parents and offers a great chance for us to reach out to our local area. (Learn more about the AIA, or International Archaeology Day!)

Our presentation will be entitled Archaeology in the Stars. We’ll be looking at the ways our ancestors looked at the night sky, including some archaeological evidence, and how that view has changed to what we now know today about the Cosmos. 

If you want to help out with Photon’s presentation at the fair, let me know. I’ll be talking at our weekly meeting about our chance to be at the fair.

Also, the Archaeological Institute of America is hosting ArchaeoMadness! Each day there will be a vote about which archaeological site is better. Fill out a bracket, cast your vote, and maybe you can win one of the great prizes!! (Or just have fun beating your friends brackets!!) If you want to participate, ArchaeoMadness can be found here.

Check here often for more updates about future Outreach and other Photon News!!!