BU SkyZone Trip

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Here’s a very exciting announcement!
This Friday at the usual time and place – 5:00pm in SCI352 –  Photon will be hosting Wave Day, a wacky exposition of wave phenomena via games, demos, and videos. To test out some of the knowledge gained from Wave Day, we will be going to SkyZone (the indoor trampoline park!) on Saturday (that’s right, this Saturday, March 22nd), at 5:00pm. This trip would not have been possible without the great generosity of the physics department, which has opted to support us for an hour and a half of physics fun. Therefore, to attend, you will not have to pay admission. We are very pleased to be able to host such an event.
For more information about SkyZone, see here : http://www.skyzone.com/Boston
Some important info to keep in mind:
How to attend SkyZone: There are two ways to have your admission covered by Photon; just showing up is not sufficient. The first way is to attend this Friday’s meeting, participate in Wave Day, and put your name and e-mail on the sign up sheet. The other way, if you cannot attend Friday’s meeting due to some conflict, is to email Ben Dickens (dickens@bu.edu) directly and describe your situation.
-Getting to SkyZone: We will be going to the SkyZone in Everett, and participants will be asked to get there by 5:00pm on Saturday. Fortunately, one can very easily take the green and orange lines to a station not too far from the facility. The whole trek is about 45 minutes in total, starting from Kenmore. A group of us will be meeting to travel together by this route; information will be given to participants on Friday, or via e-mail to those who cannot make Friday’s meeting.
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Hi all!

Just some clarification on the times:
We had to make our reservation on the earlier side for this Saturday. Our itinerary is as follows:
Leave BU at 12:00am on Saturday. Jump for 90 minutes starting at 1:30. Leave promptly at 3:00 so you all can get back to any other requirements you may have.
If you want to get in on the fun please email me back with an RSVP by7:00pm tonight. I will not be taking any more RSVPs after that time. If you RSVP’d already and the revised itinerary doesn’t work for you, you can revoke your RSVP by 7:00pm tonight without being charged for your ticket.
Hope to see many of you there!