Grad School Panel

On Friday, March 28th, Photon will host a panel session all about preparing for post-graduation. It is aimed at undergraduates (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) in physics and the physical sciences who are interested in receiving post-graduate education in physics or related fields, or want to learn about getting experience in alternative settings, such as industry. Food and beverages will be be provided! Everyone is welcome!


WhenFriday, March 28th. As usual, Photon begins at 5:00pm. The session begins promptly at 5:30pm and lasts until 6:30pm.


Where: SCI 352 (if we anticipate too large a turnout, we may move).


Who: a team of panelists , including

-A physics professor who has recently participated in the process of admitting graduate students.

-A diverse collection of graduate students, from various graduate and undergraduate institutions; they come with experience in experiment, theory, alternative trajectories in graduate education, and industry.

-Seniors, almost graduated, who have just experienced the graduate school application process.


What: a discussion of various topics, including

-The graduate school application process; what are the steps?

-Constructing a competitive application.

-Graduate school can be academically challenging. How can someone prepare?

-Acclimating to graduate school

-Various tracks of study to consider in a physics program, alternatives to physics programs in academia, and alternatives to academia, such as industry

What else?:

-Q&A period:

-Come prepared with questions about the process of preparing for, applying to, and acclimating to graduate school.

-Pose these questions to the knowledgeable team of panelists!

-Food and beverages: pizza and soft drinks will be provided