Talks 2009-2010

During this school year, we had many interesting research talks given my Boston University physics professors, graduate students and even undergrads. Here is a list of the talks that were given and their topic:

Prof. Sidney Redner: What is physics? Gave an overview of the different areas of physics. He discussed the different parts of the Physical Review letters and used the different ones to discuss what is included in physics from partical physics to solid state physics.
Prof. Robert Carey: Muon research
Prof Hughes: Solar Weather
Prof Janes: Exoplanets
Prof Brainard: Cosmology and Dark Matter
Hidefumi Tomida: Detector Development for Dark Matter
Ryan Eriksen: Research studying part of the solid oxide fuel cell developed at BU. Fuel cells are usually studied as a whole, but his project specialized in examining the diffusion of hydrogen through just the anode of the fuel cell This allows for a more accurate measurement in order to better optimize the cell.
Jessica Leach: Polymers, specifically polystyrene, and searching for the glass transition temperature in a slip system created by having a brush layer below the film being measured. This system is relatively new and unstudied, thus offering new information.