The Dynamics of Persuasion These slides are based on a 4.5-hour minicourse that I gave at the Luminy Introductory Winter School "Disordered Systems, Random Spatial Processs and Some Applications", at the CIRM in Luminy, France, January 5-9, 2015.

Fate of the Kinetic Ising Model These slides are based on a 3-hour minicourse that I gave at the 47th Karpacz Winter School "Simple Models for Complex Systems", Ladek Zdroj, Poland, February 7-12, 2011.

A Physicist's Perspective on Citation Analysis A talk presented at "Trends in Research Measurement Metrics" sponsored by Elsevier Publishing Company, Washington, DC, October 27, 2010.

Facilitated Asymmetric Exclusion A talk presented at the Conference on Complex Driven Systems - From Statistical Physics to the Life Sciences, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg VA, October 1-3, 2010.

Dynamics of Voter Models on Heterogeneous Networks. Invited speaker, Program on Complex Networks, Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC, August 29-September 1, 2010.

Kinetics of Heterogeneous Voter Models. Invited talk at CSCAMM (Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling) workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics of Networks, University of Maryland, April 5-9, 2010.

Kinetics of Filtration and Clogging. Invited speaker, Flows and Networks in Complex Media, Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA, April 27-May 1, 2009.

The Best, the Hottest, and the Luckiest: A Statistical Tale of Extremes. Invited talk at the International conference on "Extreme Events: Theory, Observation, Modeling and Prediction", UIB, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Nov. 10-14, 2008.

Evolving Preferential Attachment Networks These slides are based on a 4-hour minicourse that I gave at Institut Henri Poincare in June 2008.

Cutting Corners This is a conference talk for the 13th Claude Itzykson Meeting: "Puzzles of Growth" in June 2008. The topics include the smoothing of rocks by chipping and the evolution of single-corner Ising interfaces by zero-temperature Glauber dynamics.

Structure of Prefential Attachment Networks Spring 2007.

Dynamics of Microtubule Growth and Catastrophe Spring 2007.

Smoothing Rocks by Chipping 2007 APS March Meeting contributed talk.

Winning and Losing in Competition and in Tournaments Mathematical Physics Seminar, Boston University, September 21, 2006.

The Dynamics of Consensus and Clash Invited talk at the 26th Annual CNLS Conference on Socio-Technical Networks, August 2006.

On the Role of Global Warming on the Frequency of Record Temperature Events Presentation given at various venues during 2006 about the frequency of record temperature events.

The Kinetics of Filtration and Clogging Seminar given at Schlumberger-Cambridge Research, Cambridge, England, June 22, 2006.

Social Balance on Networks: The Dynamics of Friendship and Hatred Invited talk given at the International Seminar and Workshop "Dynamics on Complex Networks and Applications", Max Planck Institute, Dresden, Germany, February 17, 2006.

Dynamics of Social Diversity Invited talk at the CNLS conference "Collectives Formation and Specialization in Biological and Social Systems", Santa Fe, NM, April 20-22, 2005.

Consensus and Contention in Opinion Dynamics Invited talk at 8th Granada Seminar on Computational and Statistical Physics, February 7-10, 2005.

Coarsening and Freezing in the Kinetic Ising Model Invited talk at 8th Granada Seminar on Computational and Statistical Physics, February 7-10, 2005.

Statistical Physics of Citations (general talk given during 2005 about citation networks).

Statistical Physics of Popularity-Driven Networks (general talk given during 2004 about popularity and related network phenomena).

Coarsening, Slow Dynamics, and Freezing in the Simplest Spin Systems (talk given between 2002 & 2004 about puzzling features of the Ising model with zero-temperature Glauber dynamics).

Rate Equation Approach to Growing Networks (talk given at the XVIII SITGES Conference "Statistical Mechanics of Complex Networks", June 2002).

Statistical Mechanics of Popularity (talk given at various locales during 2001).

Aggregation Kinetics in Gelation, Traffic, Wealth, and other Everyday Phenomena (December 1999) The transparencies for this talk were kindly scanned and originally posted by Willi Graupner from Virginia Tech.