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Problems with muons.root and macros file


I have difficulty opening the muons.root file and the macros file. For the macros file: if I use wget in the linux terminal it says “authorization failed”. If I try to copy the code into an emacs file and then move it to the root/macros directory so that I can access it in root, it does not work either. It says permission denied.
In addition, I can only open muons.root by clicking on it, which brings up root with the file in it. This is fine, but I need to be able to access the macros file or any .C file I create too. Can anyone help?


Problems with lxplus?

So I am having problems opening ROOT in lxplus. If I just call ROOT by typing “root” it says that the command isn’t found even though I am in the right directory and I have ROOT in there. I have tried typing “./root &” since that is how I open ispy in lxplus but that says Permission Denied. I have tried “chmod +x root” but it doesn’t change anything. Do you know what I am doing wrong? I am probably making a simple mistake since I don’t know many linux commands.


Hard Muons

Hi Edgar,
I was working on trying to figure out which muons are the hardest muons. Are the hardest muons the ones with the most energy? I scanned “mu_e”, but I can’t tell which muons have the highest energy because it seems scattered throughout the events.. I’m not sure if what I said makes sense.. I also thought that if I drew “mu_e” it would help me figure out which muons had the highest energy, but it plots the number of muons that had a particular energy, not which muon had what energy..right?
I’m aware that there is a GetMaximum function in TTree, but it won’t tell us which event produced the maximum will that help us?

Thank you,