Software Tutorials

Dear BU/CERN/UniGe Junior Physicists,

Our IT expert instructors, Don Johnson (Emacs & Linux), Robert Putnam (C Programming) and Yann Tambouret (Python Programming), have posted the schedule for the tutorials this fall:

Emacs Cheat Sheet
The Raven
The Corrupted Raven
Vim Cheat Sheet
Editor War
Introduction to Linux
Linux Cheat Sheet

C slides (all)

We will meet at Physics Research Building PRB Room 261 or virtually on the web at 6:30 pm to ~8:30pm.

Draft transparancies will be posted on under this tab before each lecture.

Each session will be fully recorded, audio and video, on the ESnet/ReadyTalk site for you to review after each session.

Each of you must have installed the Scientific Linux 6 virtual machine provided by Guoan Hu before Nov 21; it would be good for you to have exercised any on-line tutorials associated with them.

For non-feedback audio, off-campus students must use headphones.

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