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Hi Edgar,
I was working on trying to figure out which muons are the hardest muons. Are the hardest muons the ones with the most energy? I scanned “mu_e”, but I can’t tell which muons have the highest energy because it seems scattered throughout the events.. I’m not sure if what I said makes sense.. I also thought that if I drew “mu_e” it would help me figure out which muons had the highest energy, but it plots the number of muons that had a particular energy, not which muon had what energy..right?
I’m aware that there is a GetMaximum function in TTree, but it won’t tell us which event produced the maximum energy..so will that help us?

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  1. Hi,
    People talk about the hardest muons (or particles in general) when they have high transverse momentum (pt). If you scan mu_pt, for example, you will see that the “hardest” muon, i.e. the one with the highest pt is first in the list (array).
    Now, when you plot just “mu_e” it should plot the energy of every muon in each event not just the ones that have certain energy, unless you impose a contraint as we saw during the exercise.
    As far as the GetMaximum fucntion, it seems that it gets you the maximum value stored in a leaf, i.e, for “mu_e” you will get the energy of the most energetic muon. But you don’t need to do this, as I just said, the leafs are ordered in pt, so the hardest muons come on top.
    Hope it helps.

  2. Hi Edgar,

    I think I’m making progress on this. It’s just taking me a long time and I had to put it off to study for our physics classes, but I’ve started working on it again. I’ll let you know if I have problems.

    Thank you,

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