Problems with muons.root and macros file


I have difficulty opening the muons.root file and the macros file. For the macros file: if I use wget in the linux terminal it says “authorization failed”. If I try to copy the code into an emacs file and then move it to the root/macros directory so that I can access it in root, it does not work either. It says permission denied.
In addition, I can only open muons.root by clicking on it, which brings up root with the file in it. This is fine, but I need to be able to access the macros file or any .C file I create too. Can anyone help?


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  1. Hi, did you try right clicking on the file to download it directly?
    As for the C files, you can create them anywhere and then try to run it giving its full path to ROOT. Something like:

    $ root -l /full/directory/path/where/my/file/lives/file.C

    Or the equivalent in Windows, Im not familiar with it.

  2. Yes, I have tried all of this. So far I have managed to put the macros in a .txt file. Then I download the file directly, which works. But if I then type in the command window .x mytextfile.txt, it comes up with the error message “muons.root does not exist” even though this is the root browser that opened when I downloaded the muon.root file. It does not seem to know where the muons file is, and when I check under windows explorer it is certainly not in the root directory. It won’t let me copy it to the root directory either. In the ROOT Browser it shows up as C:/Users/Chelsea/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/TemporaryInternetFiles/Low/Content.IE5/F4B77Joy/muons[1].root under the folder “ROOT FILES”. I can only find this in the ROOT browser though. And like I said, when I run the macro in this root browser, it doesn’t seem to know it is there.

    I also have tried the root -l command but I receive the message “Authorization failed” when I do so. Sorry that I am causing so many problems.

    Thanks for the help,

  3. PS I have also tried calling the file “muons[1].root” and I forgot to mention that the “Authorization failed” message appears when I try to use wget to get the file. I cannot even get to the point where I open it in ROOT.

  4. Ok I figured it out. The problem was that my virus scan was stripping away all the tree branches when I tried to download. It went from about 400 kB to 200 kB. Now everything is working!

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