Problems with lxplus?

So I am having problems opening ROOT in lxplus. If I just call ROOT by typing “root” it says that the command isn’t found even though I am in the right directory and I have ROOT in there. I have tried typing “./root &” since that is how I open ispy in lxplus but that says Permission Denied. I have tried “chmod +x root” but it doesn’t change anything. Do you know what I am doing wrong? I am probably making a simple mistake since I don’t know many linux commands.


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  1. If you use tcshell and log into an SLC4 machine, you execute the below commands to setup the paths needed for ROOT. ROOT is installed in all lxplus nodes but you need to setup the paths correctly first. Similar commands exist for the bash shell.

    $ setenv ROOTSYS /afs/
    $ setenv PATH ${PATH}:$ROOTSYS/bin
    $ setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /afs/

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