Current Members

A photograph of David K CampbellProfessor David K Campbell

David K Campbell is Professor in the Departments of Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering and Division of Materials Science and Engineering.  He is also Founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Chaos and has served as Dean of Engineering and Provost of Boston University.

For more information, please see the full CV.

nahom_bigNahom Yirga

Nahom joined the group in 2013 and works on application of the functional renormalization group to models of novel low-dimensional materials.

ppPaul Hanakata

Paul joined the group in 2015 and currently works on valleytronic and ferroelectric properties of two-dimensional materials beyond graphene.


Mohit Pandey

Mohit joined the group in January 2016. He works on achieving faster effective adiabatic evolution (shortcuts-to-adiabaticity methods) and chaos (quantum and classical). Visit his webpage  to learn more.



Past Members

Graduate Students

Ted Pudlik
R. Torsten Clay
Yao-Tang Liao
Ethan Cannon
Zenan Qi
Pinaki Sengupta
Ka-Ming Tam
Silvia Viola-Kusminskiy
Daoxin Yao
Jun Zhou

Post-doctoral Fellows

Erica W. Carlson
Jerome Dorignac
Klaus Fesser
J. Tinka Gammel
Dandan Guo
Holger Hennig
V. Alan Kostelecky
Valeri Kotov
Hai-Qing Lin
Eugene Y. Loh, Jr.
Peter Lomdahl
Sumit Mazumdar
Anders W. Sandvik
William R. Somsky
Shan-wen Tsai
Xi Di Wang

Undergraduate Students

Matthew Cargo
Thierry Martin
J. C. McKinney