Mohit Pandey

Mohit Pandey

Office: SCI, Room 340B.


Research Interests:

Fields of interest: Shortcuts-to-Adiabaticity , Quantum and Classical Chaos

Adiabatic evolution is a common strategy for manipulating quantum states and has been employed in diverse fields such as quantum simulation, computation and annealing. However, adiabatic evolution is inherently slow and therefore susceptible to decoherence. Existing methods for speeding up adiabatic evolution require complex many-body operators or are difficult to construct for multi-level systems. We have been working on methods to construct driving protocols that involves local or quasi-local operators.

  1. Using the tools of Floquet engineering, we design a scheme for high-fidelity quantum state manipulation, utilizing only the interactions available in the original Hamiltonian. Compared to the conventional fast-forward protocol, our Floquet-engineered protocol is more robust to external noise acting on the qubit. Our protocols were implemented in experiment done by our collaborators in Prof. Alex Sushkov's lab. For details, check out our paper

  2. Counter-diabatic (CD) Hamiltonian helps in achieving transitionless evolution at arbitrary velocities by adding additional velocity-dependent counter terms to the Hamiltonian. However, CD Hamiltonian doesn't exist in thermodynamic limit for chaotic systems. The question, which we are working on, is how can we define an approximate CD Hamiltonian for such systems?

PhD Advisor: Prof. David K. Campbell

Collaborators: Theory- Prof. Anatoli Polkovnikov, Dries Sels Experiment- Eric Boyers, Prof. Alex Sushkov


BS-MS with major in Physics, IISER Kolkata, India, 2010-2015