Suggested Readings

Textbook Chapters 10 & 11

Lecture 10:
Atoms and the Quantum World
Musical, Philosophical Prelude: 3 Penny Opera
Spectral Line Experiement
Historical Milieu: Natural Philosophy at the end of the 19th century
Electron Discovery
Are Molecules Fundamental?
Is the Atom Fundamental?
Periodic Chart of the Elements
Electron Orbitals
Pauli Exclusion
Filled Atomic Levels
Distorted Model
Scale of Things
Distorted Model
Wave Packets
Diffraction of Electrons by a Crystal
excited derx
excited stars
bohr atom
Hydrogen E Levels
debroglie atom
simple chem
Quantum Stadium:STM pix of 72 Iron Atoms on Gold
nacl bond
Playing with Atomic Wave Functions: BU Chem Website
2 Electrons around 2 Protons of Hydrogen Molecule: H2Sigma
2nd level Dumbbell Electron State: CP
Sodium Cloride Electron Probability
STM Iron Quantum Corral on Gold

Lecture 11:
The Nucleus of the Atom
Musical/Philosophical - Three Penny Opera
The Thinker: Standard Model Path
Elementary Particles: Historical Overview
Geiger Counter
Valley of Nuclear Stability
Chart of Nuclei
Indium on Chart of Nuclei
Is the Nucleus Fundamental?
The Experiment Search
alpha particle microscope
Rutherford's Result
Rutherford's Analysis
Deflected Probe
Targets Revealed
Perceiving the World
e's from Gold
Radioactivity: Roentgen/Becquerel
3 Types of Radioactive Particles
Curie's Discovery
Residual Strong Force
Tunneling Alpha Decay
Fission: Mass Conversion to Energy
Radioactive Decay Chain
Liquid Drop Model
Nuclear Stability Chart- Fe End Point
Mousetrap Chain Reaction

Lecture 14:
Unification of the Particles and Forces of Nature
Musical and Philosophical Prelude
Snake of the Universe
Periodic Chart of the Elements
Chart of Nuclei, Schematic
A Better Microscope
Wavelength Resolution
The Physicist's Tool
Obtaining Particles to Accelerate
Accelerating Particles: Animation
The World's Meterstick
Cloud Chamber
2D Table of Mesons, Baryons
Charm > 3D Charts
Are Protons and Neutrons Fundamental?
The Standard Model
I Chart of Quark, Leptons, Bosons
II Table of Bosons, Quarks and Leptons
III FNAL Table of Quarks and Bosons
Four Forces
Radioactive Beta Decay via W Boson
Decay Mediated by Virtual Partical
Uncertainty and Virtual Particles
Feyman Graph of W-Boson
Weak Interaction Powers Sun
Antimatter/PET EXPT/entangled photons
Positron Emission Tomography
NA 22 on nuclide chart
3 Generations
Electro-magnetic Unification
Electro weak
Strong Interaction - Gluon Matrix
Residual Strong In Nucleus
Grand Unified Theory
The Problem of Mass
Why All Matter and No Antimatter?