We invite you to attend the seventh New England Particle Physics Student Retreat (NEPPSR), which will be held August 11-15, 2009 on Cape Cod. This retreat is intended for students who have completed their first year of graduate study and are interested in pursuing a PhD in particle physics or particle astrophysics. Advanced undergraduates who have taken an introductory course in particle physics are also welcome. There will be seminars on current research topics in the field as well as lectures on material that never seems to get covered in the usual curriculum, such as: analysis methods, statistics, electronics, and detector technology. Faculty from the participating schools will be attending the retreat and leading the seminars and lectures. The schedule for the week is under preparation, but it will look very much like previous schedules available below.

The retreat is held at the the Craigville Conference Center, near Hyannis on Cape Cod. We will have the use of two large houses (the Lodge and the Manor). There are several very nice meeting spaces with great views. We will have continental breakfast served at the Lodge, and will make a 10 minute walk to the Craigville Inn for lunch and dinner. And of course there is a gorgeous beach a short walk away. When not engaged at work or play, participants can maintain contact with the real world by high speed internet, kindly provided by Comcast.

Registration is now open!

Visit the registration web form.

7:45   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast


Low Background Methods
Pocar - UMass
Searches for New Physics
Brau - UMass

Whale watch

free time

Astrophysics of Dark Matter
Finkbeiner - Harvard

Blocker - Brandeis

Neutrino Beam Experiments
Wascko - ICL

Beyond the SM
Weiner - NYU
11:45 lunch lunch lunch adjourn
1:00 Dark Matter
Gaitskell - Brown
Low Energy Probes of New Physics
Miller - Boston U.

Natural Neutrinos
Formaggio - MIT
2:15 Project
Dujmic - MIT
project time

Energy Loss
Fisher - MIT

Surrow - MIT

3:45 SUSY
Nelson - Northeastern
GUTs and Proton Decay
Kearns - BU
LHC Status
Brandenburg - Harvard
5:00 Social hour Social hour Social hour Social hour
5:45 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
8:00 Root Tutorials
Student Seminars Round Table Student Seminars
Here are some pictures and more pictures of NEPPSR 2007.

Transportation: Ride sharing is being organized, please contact your local university representative or one of this year's chairmen: (kearns@bu.edu, sciolla@mit.edu,willocq@physics.umass.edu). Other transportation options:
  • Bus between Hyannis and Boston (South Station, Park Square, Logan Airport) to Hyannis. http://www.p-b.com/
    Call us at the Craigville Conference Center when you arrive and we will pick you up in Hyannis.
    This phone number will ring in the Lodge: (508) 771-1865.
  • Driving: use this Google Maps link to make maps and directions: (Craigville Conference Center)
    Here are some low-tech directions annotated with useful details and landmarks: (scanned directions)

2009 Organizing Committee:
Ed Kearns (co-chair), Stephane Willocq (co-chair), Gabriella Sciolla (co-chair), Meenakshi Narain, Emanuela Barberis, Craig Blocker, George Brandenburg (founder), Masahiro Morii, Hugh Gallagher.


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