PY 896 R4: Non-Equilibrium Processes (Spring 2007)

Course Information & Syllabus:  (.pdf)  (.ps)

Preface and table of contents of the text:  (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated April 15, 2007; some minor additions compared to the previous version from January 27, 2007]

Chapter 1: Aperitifs.  (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated January 27, 2007]

Chapter 2: Random Walks/Diffusion.   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated May 3, 2007; a small presentation of the central limit theorem has been added]

Chapter 3: Aggregation. (still a bit incomplete; some typos fixed from the previous posting and the section about reaction rate theory moved to chapter 2):  (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated February 1, 2007: some errors fixed in the section on input]

Chapter 4: Fragmentation. (this chapter is rather incomplete, but there is enough material that it is worth posting)  (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated January 27, 2007]

Chapter 5: Adsorption Kinetics. The material from pages 63-86 is in the form of a reasonable draft, while the last section (pages 87--89) is correct but incompletely explained.   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated March 9, 2007]

Chapter 6: Spin Dynamics. The chapter is, I believe, in the form of a reasonable first draft.   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated April 10, 2007, with small typo corrections compared to the previous version on April 9]

Chapter 7: Coarsening. Some material is reasonably complete, and some, especially the last section, is still in the form of a very rough draft.   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated April 15, 2007]

Chapter 8: Reaction Kinetics. (Much of the material in the later part requires extensive revision and much is still incomplete).   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated April 21, 2007]

Chapter 9: Complex Networks. (This chapter is somehat incomplete and only the first 11 pages are posted).   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated April 25, 2007, with a new section on fluctuations in linear preferential attachment networks compared to the previous version from April 24.]

Chapter 10: Disorder. (This chapter is very incomplete (16 pages so far) and only a few topics are now written. Also the material between pages 191--194 is in very rough form and you can skip it for a first (and second) reading).   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated May 3, 2007; typos fixed compared to the previous version from May 1]

First few pages of the appendix. The posted material discusses the relation between the Laplace transform and real-time quantities.   (.pdf) (.ps)     [last updated January 22, 2007]