In general, visa requirements depend on the home country of citizenship. Foreign participants should contact the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in their home country as soon as possible to find out visa requirements and to apply in advance of their departure dates. Letters of invitation to attend the conference can be email if required by the participant.  It is important to emphasize that such letter of invitation will be issued only for the purpose of obtaining a visa and, by no means, implies an invited talk or a waiver of the registration fee.
Warning:  In some countries, like the USA, there is a daily visa expedition quota.
Visa Waiver: Citizens of the following countries do not need visas when entering Brazil for tourism or business purposes (up to 90 days):

Andorra - Argentina - Austria - Bahamas - Barbados - Belgium - Bermuda - Bolivia - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Denmark - Ecuador  Finland - France - Germany - Great Britain - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Israel - Liechtenstein -  Luxembourg - Malaysia – Monaco - Morocco -  Namibia - Netherlands - Norway - Panama -  Paraguay - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - San Marino -Slovenia  - South Africa - South Korea - Spain - Surinam - Sweden - Switzerland -Thailand - Trinidad & Tobago - Uruguay - Vatican - Venezuela.
All other countries need visa.

To contact the closest Brazilian Consulate please check the following webpage:
Please visit
and select RESERVATION to reserve your room.