To register, click HERE
STUDENT/POST-DOC        US$ 200.00             US$ 300.00
OTHERS                             US$ 400.00             US$ 500.00
UNTIL 02/22/07       AFTER 02/22/07        
January 22st                   Deadline for applications
January 30th                   Answer about status of applicants
February 15st                  Registration deadline
February 30th                  Deadline for accommodation
Sunday, March 11th        Registration and reception
Monday, March 12th        Start of the School
Finalcial aid is available to few students and postdocs. The school will support approximately:
11  students/postdocs from the USA with full support (travel+waived registration+accommodations)
18  students/postdocs from Latin America with full support (travel+waived registratio+accommodations)
3 students/postdocs with partial support from I2CAM (includes branches outside USA and Latin America)
14 local students/postdocs with partial support
To apply for financial aid, please submit a CV and the name of one recommender when registering for the school.