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    Selected Publications:

  • A. Polkovnikov, Phase space representation of quantum dynamics, Annals of Physics 325 , 1790 (2010).
  • A. Polkovnikov, Microscopic diagonal entropy and its connection to basic thermodynamic relations, Annals of Physics 326 , 486 (2011).
  • V. Gritsev, A. Polkovnikov, Dynamical Quantum Hall Effect in the Parameter Space, PNAS 109, 6457 (2012).
  • M. Heyl, A. Polkovnikov, S. Kehrein, Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in the Transverse Field Ising Model, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 , 135704 (2013).
  • L. D'Alessio, A. Polkovnikov, Many-body energy localization transition in periodically driven systems, Annals of Physics 333 , 19 (2013).
  • M. Kolodrubetz, V. Gritsev, A. Polkovnikov, Classifying and measuring the geometry of the quantum ground state manifold, Phys. Rev. B 88, 064304 (2013).

Reseach Interests
Out of equilibrium systems
Statistical physics
Physics of cold atoms
Quantum geometry

Solid State Physics 543, PY-543.

Quantum ergodicity: fundamentals and applications, PY747.

Quantum Ergodicity, Three lecture course, ICTS Bangalore 2013

Phase space representation of quantum dynamics, Lecture notes, Boulder, 2013

Quantum geometry and emergent macroscopic dynamics, Lecture notes, Karpacz, 2014

Seminars at BU
Condensed Matter Seminar

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