Physics Faculty featured in BU Research magazine. Read their stories here.
Physics Faculty featured in BU Research magazine. <a href=''>Read their stories here.</a>
New analyses lend support to original Higgs boson findings. <a href='/news_items/show/215'>Read more here.</a>
Nanomanufacturing by BU physicists featured in Physics Today. <a href=''>Read more.</a>
Upcoming Events

Physics Department Colloquium
Greg Boebinger, Director, National High Magnetic Field Lab, Florida State University
Jan. 27, 3:30PM, SCI 109

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar
Dr. Julian Struck, MIT
Jan. 28, 11:00AM, SCI 328

Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar
Alex Sushkov, Harvard University
Jan. 30, 12:00PM, SCI 352

Particle and Fields Seminar
Anson Hook, IAS
Feb. 02 to Feb. 13, PRB 595

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