Anatoli Polkovnikov, CV


  Address:   Boston University, Physics Department

                                    590 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

                              Phone:     617-358-4393




Š  09/01/11-Current     Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Boston University

Š  09/01/05-08/31/11   Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Boston University

Š  07/01/03-08/31/05   Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, Harvard University


Š      1999-2003 Yale University, PhD in Theoretical Physics
            Thesis: Manifestation of Quantum Fluctuations in Strongly Correlated Systems. Advisor: Subir Sachdev

Š      1998-1999 A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, Post Graduate Student

Š      1992-1998             St. Petersburg State Technical University B.S. in Physics; M.S. in Physics (with honors)

Š      1990-1992             Physical Technical School #566, St. Petersburg, Russia, Graduate with honors


Š  Simons Fellowship in Theoretical Physics-07/2012

Š  Sloan Research Fellowship-09/2009

Š  US AFOSR Young Investigator Program Award-2/2006

Grant Funding:           


1.     ARO “Microscopic approaches to non-equilibrium thermodynamics and information”, joint with Marcos Rigol (PennState), 09/2014-08/2017.

2.     AFOSR “Dynamics and thermodynamics of many-particle cold atom systems” 05/2013-04/2016

3.     NSF “Quantum Monte Carlo Methods for Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Interacting Quantum Many-Body Systems”, together with Anders Sandvik: 08/2012-07/2015                 

4.     NSF “Non-equilibrium dynamics in closed interacting quantum systems”: 09/2012-08/2015            

5.     BSF “Statistical properties of driven thermally isolated systems” (joint grant with Technion, Israel): 09/2011-09/2015        


6.     Simons Foundation: Simons Fellowship in Theoretical Physics: 07/2012-06/2013

7.     NSF “Non-equilibrium dynamics in closed interacting quantum systems”: 09/2009-09/2012

8.     Sloan Research Fellowship: 09/2009-09/2011                                                       

9.     International Sciences and Technology linkages fund grant (joint grant with University of Otago, New Zealand), 12/2006-06/2009

10.  AFOSR “Dynamics and thermodynamics of many-particle cold atom systems” 03/2010-04/2013      

11.  AFOSR Young Investor Program (YIP): “Dynamics and thermodynamics of many-particle cold atom systems” 12/2006-11/2009   

Presentations:  Over 100 invited talks, seminars, colloquia at domestic and international conferences and research institutions. Over 10 short term courses and tutorials at international schools.

Selected recent presentations:

Š      Out of equilibrium physics. Five lecture course, Les Houches pre-doctorate school on manipulation of degenerate quantum gases, Les Houches, France 09/2013

Š      Phase space representation of quantum dynamics. Three lecture course in Boulder Summer School on disorder and quantum dynamics, Boulder, CO, 07/2013

Š      Quantum ergodicity. Three lecture course in a school on thermalization: from glasses to black holes, ICTS, Bangalore, India, 06/2013

Š      Kibble-Zurek Mechanism and Universality of Quantum and Classical Dynamics Near Continuous Phase Transitions. Invited talk, International Conference on Statistical Mechanics: StatPhys25, Seoul, Korea, 07/2013

Š      Non-equilibrium thermodynamic relations in driven systems. Invited talk, APS March meeting, Baltimore, 03/2013

Š      Thermalization, Universal Dynamics and Dynamical Phase Transitions in Non-equilibrium Systems. Blackboard lunch seminar, Program on non-equilibrium quantum dynamics in thermally isolated systems, KITP, UCSB, 08/2012

Š      Dynamics and thermodynamics in low dimensional interacting cold atom systems. Tutorial, APS March meeting, Boston, 02/2012

Š      Geometric response and universality of slow quantum dynamics. Invited talk, “New directions in ultracold atoms”, Aspen, Colorado 01/2012

Š      Quantum quenches in thermally isolated systems. Tutorial, Many-body dynamics in closed systems. Satellite workshop of BEC 2011, Barcelona, Spain 09//2011

Š      Universal energy fluctuations in driven thermally isolated systems.  Invited talk, International workshop on integrability and its breaking in strongly correlated and disordered systems, ICTP, Trieste 05/2011


Publications:  Over 80 publications in refereed journals.



Postdoctoral Fellows:                                                                                                      


Organization of conferences:


Referee for: Science, Nature (including Nature Physics, and Nature Communications), Physical Review (A, B, Letters), Review of Modern Physics, Advances in Physics, Annals of Physics, Europhysics Letters, Journal of Statistical Mechanics

Grant Reviewer for: National Science Foundation (NSF), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Army Research Office (ARO), Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), Israel Science Foundation (ISF), European Research Council, Swiss National Science Foundation, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  (DFG),  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC, UK)