Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) Demo Daze and more!

Teachers from around the Greater Boston metropolitan area come to BU to network and support our burgeoning program.   The TAG meetings give teachers a chance to network and collaborate with one another. Teachers walk away from the experience energized and always with something tangible to bring to their classroom.

Upcoming Teacher Advisory Group meeting: Wednesday, September 16. 2012 – topic TBD; Location: SCI 352 OR PRB 595

If you are in need of parking, please contact the Teacher in Residence before the meeting.

Previous Events

TAG Meetings

In 2011 and 2012, meetings were held in December, February and May.  This past year’s three meetings focused on a variety of topics and experiences including the use of internet resources to enhance instruction, reports on Physics Education Research from National Conferences, sharing of Electricity and Magnetism Demonstrations , Plastic cup speakers were made, discussion on the upcoming new Standards and Frameworksand, Simple Harmonic motion and Mirror reflection inquiry labs.

Faculty Teaching Lunches

Hosted by the PhysTEC team, faculty from Physics and other departments gathered to focus on a component of the reform teaching efforts in the department.  In November 2011, Professor Jariwala spoke on the use of Clickers and Pre-lecture online instruction and assessment.  In February 2012, we hosted a panel of Learning Assistants to further explain the new program.  In May 2012, Professor Goldberg presented on the Studio concept in our Introductory Algebra-based Physics class and how it is manifested at other campuses nationwide.  One of our current graduate students spoke about the program on his undergraduate campus, Ithaca College.

Undergrad Learning Assistants in STEM Pedagogy courseUndergraduate Teaching Lunch

In Janaury 2012, the Teacher in Residence hosted a lunch for Physics undergraduate majors where she introduced herself and the PhysTEC team and showed the video on Physics Teaching, .  Career plans were discussed and the course planning needed to become a teacher was clearly explained.


The teacher-in-residence organized site visits for undergraduates to participate in a nearby elementary school science fair and judge a Physics Olympics at the NE Section meeting of the AAPT


Boston University Physics Department hosts and supports its Undergraduate Society of Physics Students club, Photon.  Photon meets weekly with free pizza and drinks on Fridays in Metcalf Science 352.  The PhysTEC Teacher in residence, along with the Physics department faculty advisor, provide informal instruction and information on careers in physics and activities within and outside of the department. In past years, club members have presented physics demonstrations at the annual SET in the City program for Inner City high school aged girls. Club members assist the department at open houses and freshmen welcome events.  The meetings often consist of collaboration on projects, viewing of popular science and science fiction movies and presentations by undergraduates and graduate students on their research.  Ice cream made from liquid nitrogen and assistance in the department’s annual Pumpkin drop are highlights!

Here is a link to the site hosted by the students for more information: