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Useful websites

This post is mostly directed to Michael and Elim but here are some useful links I’ve found:

For understanding python syntax:
For CMSSW cross-reference:

Let me know if you find any other good sites,

Problem accessing e-group “CMS web Access” in TWiki

I tried to click on the “CMSSW” in the TWiki web, and I am denied to go to that page because I am not a member of the e-group “CMS-web-Access”. So, I emailed the TWiki person, Peter Jones, and this is the reply:

{You need to be in the egroup ‘cms-web-access’ in order to see CMS pages. 

Check with your CMS coordinator

Peter Jones}

So, I am thinking if we need Arno’s permition to join the e-group…

Thanks, Elim =D

Opening ISpy

Does anyone else get this message when they try to open ispy?
[lxplus203] ~ > chmod +x ispy
[lxplus203] ~ > ./ispy
Reading default views.
Fontconfig warning: no elements found. Check configuration.
Fontconfig warning: adding /usr/share/fonts/fonts.cache-1
Fontconfig warning: adding ~/.fontconfig
ispy: Fatal IO error: client killed
I also tried doing the wget thing beforehand but that didn’t work either.