ISpy does not open

Hi, when I run the ISpy Analyzer all I get is a list of data (Event, Run, Lumisection, etc), but it does not open ISpy so that I can see this. Does anyone know how to look at the resulting file in ISpy? Thanks.


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  1. Hey Chelsea,

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with your ISpy, but you can come to my room and use my computer if you’d like to look at the events..


  2. does anyone else get this message when they try to open the file:
    Unable parse file: /Users/ashleyrubinstein/Downloads/bit40or41skim_R000122314_T00000001.ig.
    Maybe it got truncated?

    Does anyone know what that means?

  3. ok, so max and i copied the file that was created to our home directory using this command (which you should implement in your home directory, not in lxplus):
    scp .

    does that help at all chelsea?


    1. Ooops!? Perhaps you tried to use the file located in the BU webspace directly!? This file is compressed and iSpy does not know how to decompress it. I had to do this to save space and copying time.

      To use this file at BU you will have to copy it first and decompress …?!

      Nevertheless the file which you produced for your homework should be readable by iSpy directly …


  4. I’m a little confused.. We were unable to open the file when it was in our lxplus scratch0 directory because we didn’t have ISpy installed on our lxplus accounts. So we copied the file into our home directory where were able to open them via ISpy.. Is this okay?

  5. Is it because Mac user have ISpy installed in their computers and not in lxplus, so they have to send the file from lxplus to their own computer in order to open the file?
    How about window users? Am I supposed to use wget to download the file above? But I get an error msg saying authorization failed..(?)

    1. Dear all!

      You want to have
      1) iSpy running on an OS which is supported i.e. Linux or Mac OS X.
      2) An iSpy file in a location where it is accessible for the iSpy you are able to use. This means e.g. for Mac users: iSpy installed locally on your Mac plus the iSpy data file as well, or e.g. for Microsoft Windows users: iSpy installed on lxplus in your account plus the iSpy file copied to your account i.e. available for iSpy started on/used from lxplus. The last homework I have you was to make a iSpy data file on lxplus. This means you have an iSpy data file accessible from your lxplus account.

      hth Arno

  6. is the main question of the homework is to use (/import) the data to make a iSpy .ig file so that we can “see” the data..(?)
    If so, then i think this link will help..
    We need to type in the command “process.p1 = cms.Path(process.iSpy_sequence)” to create a .ig file.
    Then, we can open the file using iSpy (?)
    But my computer runs unbelievably slow…so, i don’t know if it would work..
    Hope that help, =D

    1. Hi Elim!

      Simply follow line by line what I have written on my slides. The procedure given there will end up having a usable iSpy produced. In the 2 .py-files you were asked to use you will find details about what reconstruction settings, what type of files, etc. are processed/produced.

      hth Arno

  7. I did not get it yet. I cannot open the file in the home directory. I try ./filename but it says permission denied. Does anyone know what is going on here? Thanks.

  8. I did everything that arno indicated already except “Look at the resulting file with ISpy”. I am not sure how to do this. I tried copying the file to my home directory like ashley said and then opening it with ./ but then it says permission denied.

  9. have you go to the right directory to open ispy? I got the same thing be4 too. but then I went to to ~/public to open ispy (it depends on where you installed ispy; i put it under ~/public). And when the browser comes out, choose ~/sc../CM../src and open the .ig file that you have created. The file should be there.

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