A Very Short Biography

I was born in the volcanic highlands (2850m) of Quito, Ecuador. I spend most of my free time playing soccer (sports in general) and playing the guitar.

After graduating from my High School, Colegio Marista, in the year of 1997, I spent almost a year in Modesto, CA as an exchange student at Davis High School, where I made very good friends and also learned some English.

Volcan Pichincha

Back in Ecuador, in the Fall of 1998, I entered the National Politechnic School in Quito, which is the best University in my home country. There, I majored in Physics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in the Spring of 2004. My thesis was under the supervision of my undergrad advisor Dr. Luis Lascano, with whom I worked on studying "The Electric Conductivity in AC current of Ferroelectric Ceramics of Composition Pb(x)Bi(4)Ti(3+x)O({1,2,3}+x)".

Even though this was an interesting and fun topic, it was not related with what I really wanted to do: Particle Physics.

In July of 2003 I had the opportunity to go to Trieste, Italy, for one of their usual Summer Schools in Particle Physics at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). It was a great experience and it enhanced my interest for this field.

So I moved to Tallahasse, FL in the fall of 2004 to study at Florida State University and to join, later on (Summer of 2005), the High Energy group. I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation in December 2008 and joined the CMS group at Boston University in April 2009.

I currently (since 2011) work for San Francisco University in Quito-Ecuador and continue my research work as a Visiting Research Scientist at BU.

My CV in English and Spanish (last updated Jan 12, 2018).
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