Here are Jeff Gustafson, Ed Kearns, and Dasom Lee heading in to the mine in January 2011.
At the November 2009 collaboration meeting. 
In 2008 we replaced all of the Super-Kamiokande electronics with a completely new architecture for data acquisition. Here are some pictures taken during the summer tests and replacement sessions.


BU Super-K Group 2007
Group photo circa 2007.

Group photo taken at the May 2005 Super-K collaboration meeting.
Here is a group photo from Shantanu’s thesis defense.

Following the 2001 PMT implosion accident we had to rebuild the detector in 2002 for the configuration known as SK2. Our main job was to install new Tyvek reflective material on the walls. We have pictures from three different visits in MarchJune, and  September.