T2K Electron Neutrino Appearance Result Updated Through 2012

The T2K collaboration restarted data taking in early 2012 after recovery efforts from the Great Japan Earthquake of 2011 were completed at J-PARC.  We collected an additional 1.6e20 protons on target, somewhat more than doubling the 2011 data set. We now have 11 candidate events for electron neutrino appearance, compared to an expected background rate of 3.22 +- 0.43. An oscillation analysis results in a best fit to sin2 2θ13 of  0.094 +0.053 -0.040. This result is updated from Neutrino 2012 in Kyoto and was presented at ICHEP 2012 in Melbourne Australia.

T2K electron neutrino appearance spectrum for 3e20 POT as presented at ICHEP Melbourne 2012.


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