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UniGe events

2012 exam schedule

Upon Larry’s request, and for the future reference:
the following was our exam schedule for this semester.

6/6 EMII written exam: 8:30am to 12:30pm, 4hrs, at Science I 306
6/8 EMII oral exam: 8:30am to 15:30pm, 25min/each student, at Prof. Buttiker’s office
6/14 QMI: 8:30am to 12:30pm, 4hrs, at Science II 300

Physics class schedule

Here is what I can gather about our UniGe schedule. The E/M was sent out by Prof Pohl. The QM I got from the agenda book which I assume is right. I also assume that the Tuesday class is the lecture. My guess is that there will be an English discussion for QM also (hopefully).

M: 10-12noon E/M lecture (main auditorium in Ecole de physique)
2-3pm E/M discussion in English (DPNC Library Room 211 in Ecole de physique )
T: 10-12noon QM
W: 4-6pm QM
T: 10-12noon QM
F: 2-4pm E/M discussion (lecture hall A50B in Science I)

I’ll update it as we get more info. Classes start Feb 22nd.