LHC software course: ROOT introduction

Who: Prof. Arno Heister

Room: CERN 354-1-016

Please bring your laptop. The slides can be found here.


  • Compute a 1-dim histogram containing a poisson distribution. Then fit to this histogram other distributions, e.g. polynoms, a Gaussian distribution, Poisson …, etc. Try to understand how much like a polynom, gaussian, etc. the distributions look like as discussed in the lecture today. You can use as template the fillrandom.C example which can be found in the ROOT tutorials area. Upload the .C file with the poisson histogram and fit before the next lecture to this area.
  • Check out more ROOT tutorials, e.g. $ROOTSYS/tutorials/spectrum/peaks.C. Try to give an argument like $ROOTSYS/tutorials/spectrum/peaks.C(3) corresponding to computing 3 peaks.

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