Things to Know Next Year

-Even though almost everyone speaks english, try to speak to people in french! Even if it’s little things like “excusez-moi”, “parlez-vous anglais?”, “pardon”, “je voudrais…”, or “désolé”. It’s rude to just assume that people speak english.
-At the University of Geneva grades are on a scale of 0-6. You receive a zero if you don’t show up to the test. To pass you need a 4 or greater.
-Grades will be posted on your professors’ doors at the end of the semester; therefore, everyone will be able to see how you did. So try to work hard so you can at least save yourself from some embarrassment.
-For Quantum Mechanics read the Jean-Louis Basdevant and Jean Dalibard book because the final will be structured around that book, but definitely use Griffiths to better understand the material. The Basdevant and Dalibard book is pretty hard to read because it’s a translation from a french book, so it’s nice to read Griffiths on the side.
-For E&M you should definitely bring your freshman level book along with Griffiths. A lot of the material covered will be similar to that of your freshman course.
-Ask the swiss students if you can be added to their google group because they post a lot of useful information.
-If you’re staying for the summer make sure you get a bike before the summer students arrive because the bikes will go quickly.
-Free food and CMS EVO discussion every Fri at 17:30, Bat. 40
-If you work at CERN during the summer, you can try to get housing at Foyer Résidence Robert Schumann or EasyLoft (both are in St. Genis). They’re relatively cheap. There is also the CERN hostel, but that costs ~58 chf per night. You can try for free CMS housing, but you have to look into that well in advance and most likely there won’t be any available spots. If you live in Ferney Voltaire you can get to CERN by taking the Y bus from Ferney-Mairie.

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