Physics GRE Review

So, maybe it’s a little early to start thinking about the physics GRE, but maybe not. I realize we haven’t started out work yet so we don’t know our schedules, but maybe it’s possible to do about an hour a week of GRE prep?

We could also use this time to go over stuff from out ED and QM lectures that we may not have understood.
I have a list of major concepts that we need to know for the physics GRE and a site with practice problems. Let me know if anyone else is interested in meeting. I was thinking of starting Friday maybe at 11 or 12 before our physics work and CERN work picks up.

Anybody interested?


(Also, on an unrelated topic, Benedikt Hegner said that he was gonna cancel class tomorrow because he is not feeling well and we can reschedule for some other time.)

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