Cannot Copy/Paste anything into Root Terminal

Does anyone with Windows know how to fix this? It is making homework assignments incredibly difficult, having to type everything in.

4 thoughts on “Cannot Copy/Paste anything into Root Terminal

  1. What do you want to copy from? If you want to copy the contents of a directory to another directory owned by root, the command is “sudo [address of file source] [address of file destination]”. If you want to copy the content of a sub-directory, use the option -R.
    But are you thinking about copying the whole program into root terminal? This program is in the ROOT library. You can load it from the library with .L command. This will make things easier.
    Hope that helps. =D

  2. Yay! Good News PC users!!! I figured it out! (Sorry Elim, I think you misunderstand what I meant but I am sure that will be helpful later with something). We just couldn’t even copy and paste text/code into the terminal. So on the root shortcut, right click and go to properties. Then, under “options” check “Quick Edit Mode”.

  3. I think what Chelsea means is:
    1) highlight source, and press C-c
    2) Go to change the options to “quick Edit Mode”
    3) go to the Root session and right click your mouse..
    Try if it works
    Elim =)

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