FemtoSpec Laboratory

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Core Researchers



The FemtoSpec laboratory at Boston University has students from many groups, with a diverse range of research interests.

Current Graduate Students

  • Ronen Adato, ECE
  • Logan Chieffo, Chemistry
  • Alan Gabel, Physics
  • Jude Schneck, Physics
  • Mengkun Liu, Physics
  • Erica Raber, Physics
  • Eric Pinnick, Physics
  • Jeff Shattuck, Chemistry
  • Drew Strikwerda, Physics
  • Jingdi Zhang, Physics
  • John Ogren, Physics

Rencently Graduated Students

  • Dr. Jason Amsden, Tufts
  • Dr. Xihua Wang, University of Toronto
  • Dr. Joel Kralj, Harvard
  • Dr. Yu Chen, Boston University

Past Graduate Students

  • Dr. Jonathan Celli, Harvard
  • Dr. Brian Gregor, Spectral Sciences, Inc.