On behalf of the entire group, I would like to welcome you to the official webpage of the Multifunctional Materials Spectroscopy Laboratory based in the Physics Department at Boston University. We use time-resolved optical spectroscopy spanning from the far-infrared through the visible to characterize the fundamental and technologically relevant properties of a host of interesting materials. In some cases we design, fabricate, and characterize our own artificial materials, but we also collaborate with colleagues from all over the world to characterize interesting artificial and quantum-based materials that they create. The beauty of optical spectroscopy, be it time-resolved or time-integrated, is its breadth of applicability to meaningfully study virtually any material you can imagine. And, with a very collaborative and multidisciplinary mindset, that is exactly what we do.  Please look around and if you have questions feel free to contact any of us to learn more.

Richard D. Averitt

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"Photoinduced Phase Transitions by Time-Resolved Far-Infrared Spectroscopy in V2O3", published in Physical Review Letters, August 2011.

"Electrodynamics of Correlated Electron Materials" published in Review of Modern Physics, June 2011.
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