Prof. Ophelia K. C. Tsui      

Department of Physics, Boston University

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Department of Physics and
Division of Materials Science & Engineering
Boston University
Office: Metcalf Science Center Rm. 215
Lab: Metcalf Science Center Rm. B2&3
+1-617-358-4669 (off), 3-9393 (fax)

Mailing address:
590 Commonwealth Ave. Rm. 255
Boston, MA 02215.


Research Interests

My current research interest comprises various topics of polymer physics, including the dynamics of polymer under nano-confinement, wetting properties of polymer films on solid and liquid surfaces, and dynamics, phase behaviors and applications of polymer nano-composites.  In addition, my work frequently involves the use of atomic force microscopy (AFM). Therefore, I am also interested in nano-mechanics, nanotribology and development of characterization techniques involving AFM.


Representative Publications   

1.    “Viscosity and Surface-Promoted Slippage of Thin Polymer Films Supported by a Solid Substrate”, F. Chen, D. Peng, C. -H. Lam and O. K. C. Tsui, Macromolecules, 48, pp. 5034-9 (2015). [link]

2. “Viscosity of PMMA on Silica: Epitome of Systems with Strong Polymer-Substrate Interactions", Ranxing N. Li, Fei Chen, Chi-Hang Lam, O. K. C. Tsui, Macromolecules, 46, 7889-93 (2013). [link]

3.  "Glass Transition Dynamics and Surface Layer Mobility in Unentangled Polystyrene Films", Z. Yang, Y. Fujii, F. K. Lee, C. -H. Lam and O. K. C. Tsui, Science, 328, 1676-1679 (2010). [link]

4. "Studying Surface Glass-to-Rubber Transition Using Atomic Force Microscopic Adhesion Measurements" O. K. C. Tsui, X. P. Wang, Jacob Y. L. Ho, T. K. Ng, Xudong Xiao, Macromolecules, 33, 4198 (2000). [link]

5"Study on the Origin of Inverted Phase in Drying Solution-Cast Block Copolymer Films", Haiying Huang, Fajun Zhang, Zhijun Hu, Binyang Du, Tianbai He, Fuk Kay Lee, Yongjian Wang, Ophelia K. C. Tsui, Macromolecules, 36, 4084-4092 (2003). [link]

6.  "Effect of C60 Molecular Rotation on Nanotribology", Qi Liang, O. K. C. Tsui, Yabo Xu, Hongnian Li, Xudong Xiao, Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 146102-1 (2003). [link]

7.  "Liquid Crystal Pretilt Angle Control Using Nano-textured Surfaces", by Fion Sze-Yan Yeung, Feng-Chao Xie, Jones Tsz-Kai Wan, Fuk Kay Lee, Ophelia K. C. Tsui, Ping Sheng and Hoi-Sing Kwok, J. Appl. Phys. 99, 124506 (2006). [link]

8. "Liquid Crystal Orientation Transition on Microtextured Substrates", B.  Zhang, F. K. Lee, O. K. C. Tsui, P. Sheng, Phys. Rev. Lett., 91, 215501-4 (2003). [link]

9. "Excitation of Josephson Plasma Resonance in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d in an oblique field", Ophelia K.C. Tsui, N. P.   Ong, J. B. Peterson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, pp.819-822 (1996). [link]

10. "Sharp Magnetoabsorption Resonances in the Vortex State of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d", Ophelia K. C. Tsui, N. P. Ong, Y. Matsuda, Y. F. Yan and J. B. Peterson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, pp.724-727 (1994). [link]



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