Raj Mohanty

Pritiraj Mohanty
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics, Boston University, 590 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, USA
Phone: (617) 353-9297, Email: mohanty@physics. bu.edu


Group Web Page: http://nano.bu.edu/

Research Interests: 

Quantum Information: Control and Manipulation of Coherent Signals: Controlling Decoherence in Nanoscale Structures, Picosecond Pulse Measurements in Time Domain and External Control of Coherence, Nanomechanics: Energy Relaxation in Micro- and Nano-Mechanical Structure, Quantum Friction, Quantum Nanomechanics: Quantum motion of oscillators, macroscopic quantum physics; Foundations of quantum theory Gravity: Fundamental Force Measurement: Gravitational Force in Micron Scale in search of extra dimensions, Nanoscale Superconductivity: Nanoscale High-Tc Superconductivity and Quantum Phase Systems Nanoscale Biosensors for Ultrasensitive Assay of Breast Cancer Biomarkers, Nanoelectronic & nanomechanical sensors and sensor arrays for pH & ion detection; parallel assay of disease-specific proteins




PY351: Modern Physics (I): Quantum Mechanics & Relativity

Course Website: webct.bu.edu (BU ACS login and password needed) 

Topics: Basic principles of non-relativistic quantum mechanics: experimental basis of quantum theory, wave particle duality, free-particle Schrodinger’s equation, matter waves, uncertainty principle, quantum coherence and quantum measurement problem, operator formalism, bound state problems (particle in a box, infinite walls, and quantum harmonic oscillator), unbound state problems (tunneling and alpha decay), quantum mechanics in three dimension (hydrogen atom and hydrogen-like atoms), atomic spectra, quantization, transition rates, lasers, spin and angular momentum, special theory of relativity and introduction to general relativity