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First-Semester Experiments

Graphical Analysis - MBL

Projectile Motion

Motion with Constant Acceleration - MBL

Forces Between Carts - MBL


Conservation of Energy - MBL

Magnetic Forces - MBL

Momentum - MBL

Angular Momentum

Torque - MBL

Simple Harmonic Motion - MBL

Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

These first-semester pre-labs were revived in August - October, 2019.

Second-Semester Experiments

Coulomb's Law

Electric Fields and Potentials

Ohm's Law - MBL

e/m Ratio of the Electron

Faraday's Law - MBL

RLC Circuits

Sound - MBL

Geometrical Optics

Interference and Diffraction

Most of these second-semester pre-labs were revived in October, 2019.