Top Turns Ten

Oct 21ST , 2005


Submitted by present and former Dzero Collaborators

in case of questions send email to Meenakshi Narain


1.      D0 RunI picture Collage   (by U. Heintz)

2.      The Dzero Experiment/Collaboration: The road to discovery.  (by P. Grannis, H. Montgomery)

3.      D0 Event 417, the gold plated top event  (by Sharon Hagopian)

4.      Event 417 - single event discovery or not? (by Ulrich Heintz)

5.      The Discovery Paper and EB process (by H. Greenlee)

6.      Polyglot Dzero Collaboration (by A. Heinson, M. Narain)

7.      Some EB comments on the observation paper draft (recovered from old 1995 poster)

8.      e-mail Flurry at Dzero (recovered from old 1995 poster)

9.      Party Time (by A. Heinson, M. Narain, U. Heintz)

10.  Quark in the Life of a Student  (by R. Kehoe)

11.  A students perspective (by J. Cochran)

12.  Main Ring Corrections  (by R. Kehoe, M. Narain)

13.  Moving on to Top Dollars (by. Dzero-Lucent)

14.  A Fence Sitter’s View (by G. Watts)

15.  Luminosity Determination in RunIb (by M. Tartaglia)

16.  The Adventures of Top Dog (by M. Tartaglia)

17.   How did D-Zero discover the top quark without a silicon vertex detector? (by  R. Raja)

18.  Calorimeter Poster 1    (by R.McCarthy, D. Schamberger)

19.  Calorimeter Poster 2    (by R.McCarthy, D. Schamberger)

20.  Central Tracking System (by Qizhong Li)

21.  Muon System and the Top Quark (Al Ito, D. Denisov)

22.  Samus Muon System (Andrei Schukin, D. Denisov)

1.      Silicon Microstrip Tracker (by R. Lipton)

2.      Central Fiber Tracker (D. Lincoln et. al.)

3.      Rediscovering the Top Quark (by Marc-Andre Pleier and Run2 Top group)

4.      The Lonesome Top Quark (by Aran Garcia-Bellido and Run2 Top group)

5.      The Fingerprints of the Top Quark (by Marc-Andre Pleier and Run2 Top group)

6.      Top Quark Jambooree  (by Marc-Andre Pleier and Run2 Top group)