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  Professor El-Batanouny published his new book:
Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics

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Current Members
          Principle Investigator
           Ph.D. Candidate
           Graduate Student

Previeus Members

  • Wolfgang Franzen
          Ph.D. 1949, Emertius Professor.
  • Xuetao Zhu
          Ph.D 2010, currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Beijing
          National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics
          and Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
          Beijing, China
  • Yangyang Yao

    Ph.D 2009, now senior Engineer at General Electric, Shanghai, China

  • Maryam Farzaneh

    Ph.D 2006, now Assistant Professor at Denison University , OH

  • Xiaofeng Liu

    Ph.D 2005, now Senior Engineer at Brion Technologies Inc, CA

  • Palash Banerjee

    Ph.D 2003, now Postdoc Researcher at Ohio State University

  • Margaret Marynowski

    Ph. D 1997, now Senior Scientist at IBM

  • Vassilios Kollias

    Ph. D 1996, now Associate Professor at University of Athens, Greece

  • Anna Swan

    Ph.D 1993, now Associate Professor at Boston University

  • Chia-Hung Hsu

    Ph.D 1992, now Senior Scientist at National Synchrotron Radiation Reserach Center, Taiwan

  • Ramon Ravelo

    Ph.D 1991, now Associate Professor at University of Texas, El Paso

  • Paul Stancioff

    Ph.D 1988, now Professor at University of Maine, Farmington

  • Shawn Burdick

    Ph.D 1987

  • Karl Martini

    Ph.D 1986, now Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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