Improving Photoelectron Counting and Particle Identification in Scintillation Detectors with Bayesian Techniques.
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Design of Single Phase Liquid Argon Detectors for Dark Matter Searches
Daniel E. Gastler, Ph.D. Thesis (2012)

Scintillation yield and time dependence from electronic and nuclear recoils in liquid neon.
W H Lippincott, K J Coakley, D Gastler, E Kearns, D N McKinsey, and J A Nikkel.

We have performed measurements of scintillation light in liquid neon, observing a signal yield in our detector as high as (3.5 ± 0.4) photoelectrons/keV. We measure pulse shape discrimination efficiency between electronic and nuclear recoils in liquid neon from 50 to 300 keV nuclear recoil energy. We also measure the Leff parameter in liquid neon between 30 and 370 keV nuclear recoil energy, observing an average Leff=0.24 above 50 keV. We observe a dependence of the scintillation time distribution and signal yield on the pressure and temperature of the liquid neon. Physical Review C, 2012 vol. 86 (1) p. 015807. 10.1103/PhysRevC.86.015807

Measurement of scintillation efficiency for nuclear recoils in liquid argon.
Dan Gastler, Ed Kearns, Andrew Hime, Laura C Stonehill, Stan Seibert, Josh Klein, W Hugh Lippincott, Daniel N McKinsey, and James A Nikkel.

The scintillation light yield of liquid argon from nuclear recoils relative to electronic recoils has been measured as a function of recoil energy from 10 keVr up to 250 keVr at zero electric field. The scintillation efficiency, defined as the ratio of the nuclear recoil scintillation response to the electronic recoil response, is 0.25±0.01+0.01 (correlated) above 20 keVr.
Physical Review C, 2012 vol. 85 (6) p. 065811. 10.1103/PhysRevC.85.065811

Calibration of liquid argon and neon detectors with Kr83m.
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