Grid Setup on the Terriers

To setup an ATLAS grid environment on the Terriers the prescription is slightly different from lxplus computers. This is due to the 32-bit architecture, and python version compatibility. The correct commands and order are as follows:

  • source /afs/ py26
  • voms-proxy-init -voms atlas

If one is starting from scratch, they should follow the detailed step by step instructions found here:

Briefly, the necessary pieces are:

  1. Obtain a US-Grid certificate, export it from your browser, and install it in your home area in a directory called .globus
  2. Join the ATLAS VO
  3. Prepare your grid certificate by generating usercert.pem and userkey.pem files.
  4. Initialize your user interface, described in the link for lxplus and above for the terriers. This must be done every time you want to use the grid.

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