PY106 - Elementary Physics II

Summer 2000

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New Information for PY106

Class meets daily in SCI 111 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

NEW! Problems 38 and 64 of the chapter 24 assignment (which is due Wednesday, August 2) will be due at the start of class on Thursday, August 3. The rest of this assignment is still due at the usual time (at the start of discussion section on Wednesday, August 2).

Concerning labs:
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General course information on PY106

Items on reserve in the Science and Engineering Library

There are a number of items on reserve at the library, including:

Exams from previous years of PY106

Other resources

Thinking like a physicist

Here are some examples of real-world situations that can be examined using the basic principles of physics covered in this course.

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