…status of LHC Hadron Calorimetry at Boston University?


CMS Forward Cherenkov Calorimeter



Only CMS detector in the forward half of phase space…h = 3 to 5

critical for missing energy signature of SUSY, low mass Higgs

tags leading quark jets to get high B.R. modes of high mass Higgs

Ultra hostile environment: 100% occupancy, gigarads

quartz Cherenkov: fast, rad hard, neutron blind, tight showers, hermetic

Quartz Calorimeter: US led project (big impact, but low cost…$4M)

technique invented by this Boston task for SSC/GEM

BU led team proved technique superior for CMS

FY 1999 Achievements:

1) Pre-Production Prototype built, verified in beam

diffusion-welded, rolled absorber milestone met (Chelyabinsk)

cleaved quartz fiber tower performed well (Boston initiative)

2) HCal readout electronics: completed conceptual engineering design

400 Mbyte/sec (BU and Md, with Fermilab coordination)


FY 2000 Goals:

1) How assemble 4 million fibers in absorber? …tooling, machine?

cleave, pick, stuff, bundle, cleave again…with minimum waste

2) Electronics: build working prototype of HCal readout

BU cards: point-to-point link xmitter, receiver, data concentrator

…total BU HF electronics project ~$500k…need post doc