GRS-PY896:  Cosmological Physics

PY896 - Cosmological Physics - covers the basic theory underlying modern Cosmology. We will cover the geometry and dynamics of the universe, inflation, the thermal history of the universe, cosmological perturbation theory, structure formation, and the origin of initial perturbations from quantum fluctuations.
The course will be based on the "Cosmology" notes by Daniel Baumann.
For some GR basics you will probably find Sean Carroll's "No-Nonsense" GR notes useful.

The syllabus.

More course material can be found on our Piazza page.

Problem sets

hw1 due 02/03
hw2 due 2/16
hw3 due 2/24
hw4 due 3/16
hw5 due 3/28
hw6 due 4/13
hw7 due 4/27